Am I allowed a Plus One?

Yes!  Plus ones are welcome and encouraged! Feel free to add them to your RSVP card. Just let Cato know their full name so we can figure out the whole, where-each-meal-goes thing.

Are babies welcome?

Yes!  Even if we didn’t name your baby on the invite envelope, feel free to bring them  - this event is all about family!  We also might have some sort of daycare room setup if people show enough interest.  So message Cato through the contact form or email or however if you’d be interested in that.

Do you have a registry?

Yes, we did finally start an online registry at Thankful.  There are items available in stores on there, so you don’t have to order online to give us an item from there.  We are also still adding to it for variety, and are currently researching a good charity to add to the registry so you can have the option of donating to a charity in our name in lieu of gifts.

What's the parking situation?

There will be complimentary valet at The Lodge for all our guests. Just tell the valet that you’re here for the Johnson and Zane wedding,